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Autumn Has Arrived at Curlew Lake

View of tamarak trees on Hwy 20, between Republic and Wauconda, WA.

Tamarak (Linden) trees are displaying their autumn colors on Hwy 20 and Hwy 21.

Curlew Lake, Washington, is enjoying a most pleasant and serene autumn. The seasonal colors of maples and willow trees sparkle along the lake’s shoreline and pose a lovely contrast against the area’s deep blue skies.  Mornings on the lake are laced with mystery and drifts of fog. Afternoons are comfortably warm with skies of mixed cloud and sun. Deer wander lazily across the grassy campsites of Curlew Lake State Park, and migrating geese soar across the lake’s blue waters.  Vacationers looking for a weekend getaway will find the lake and surrounding areas enchanting and scenic with their ever-changing colors and textures. Fishers can still enjoy late season trout, bass, and muskie fishing from a boat. Photographers will find many scenic locations to shoot lovely autumn-enhanced landscapes.

Our weather forecast is from WP Wunderground