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Welcome to Ferry County!

For a fun and inexpensive place to enjoy a  memorable and relaxing vacation, consider all that Ferry County has to offer.  Follow us on Twitter or check out our calendar to learn about upcoming events.

Life as it Happens in Ferry County

Stonerose Interpretive Center and Fossil Site

Fossil found in the Stonerose fossil bed.

Fossil found in the Stonerose fossil bed.

Fifty million years ago, during the Eocene Epoch, the area now occupied by Republic, Washington lay beneath the waters of an ancient lake. As the lake bed filled with volcanic ash and sediment, leaves, flowers, fish, and insects were trapped in the layers of resulting mud. Today the lake is gone, along with the unusual mix of topography and climate that produced plants and animals that haven’t been found together in any other location. Located in an unassuming roadcut along Knob Hill Road, the Boot Hill Fossil Site* provides paleontologists and amateur fossil hunters alike the unprecedented opportunity of discovering world class examples of…. More…>

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