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Barrel Derby Days

A tradition born of bootlegging….

Just how long does it take for a barrel to travel along the Kettle River from the Midway Bridge at Ferry, Washington to the Town Bridge of Curlew, Washington? In an annual event, that’s been taking place since 1950 (with a short hiatus in the 1970’s), folks in Curlew challenge themselves and visitors to give it their best guess. Read more

Curlew Bridge

In 1901, the cable ferry used to cross the Kettle River at Curlew, Washington was replaced by the sturdy Curlew Bridge, a one-lane bridge, which is still in use. The photogenic Curlew Bridge provides attractive east/west views of the the Kettle River. The bridge, though narrow and antique in appearance, is still actively used by the residents of Curlew, so don’t doddle or block the bridge when taking your photos. Read more

Eagle Track Raceway

Race Information

If it has been awhile since you enjoyed the excitement of small-town, dirt-track racing, this is the perfect time to reacquaint yourself with the experience.

Located a half mile south of Republic, Washington on Pendry Road, the nonprofit Eagle Track Raceway Association hosts 3/8 mile, dirt-track, stock car racing. Classes include Modified, Street Stock, and Fever Four (Fever-4). Read more

Ferry County Fair

Enjoy the Simple Pleasures of A County Fair….
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Ferry County Fair Carousel

Ride a country fair merry-go-round at the Ferry County Fairgrounds and experience the golden age of carousels….

In 1958 a group of local ranchers cosigned a $2000.00 loan to purchase a portable Country Fair style carousel, with 24 hand-carved horses, that they’d located in Tacoma, Washington. They carried it back to Republic, Washington in the back of a wheat truck, where it quickly became a favorite attraction at the annual Ferry County Fair.
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Historic Malo Store

An historic and charming grocery store in tiny Malo, Washington…. Read more

Ranald MacDonald Burial Site

Recognized by many as Japan’s first English teacher, Ranald MacDonald was buried in an Indian Cemetery on the east side of Customs Road, on a hill that overlooks the Kettle River below. His grave site is the smallest state park in Washington State. Read more

Republic Cemetery

In 1898 a woman on horse back rode the hills around Republic, Washington looking for a suitable burial place for a man who’d recently died. At the time, Republic was a rough and tumble gold rush town filled to the brim with miners, and as yet hadn’t established a cemetery. That all changed when a man named Patrick Callahan died in Republic’s first mining-related accident. Read more

Stonerose Interpretive Center and Fossil Site

Ancient impressions captured in stone….

Fifty million years ago, during the Eocene Epoch, the area now occupied by Republic, Washington lay beneath the waters of an ancient lake. As the lake bed filled with volcanic ash and sediment, leaves, flowers, fish, and insects were trapped in the layers of resulting mud. Read more