Is Ferrycounty.com a government site?

Nope. Ferrycounty.com is privately owned and operated by a well-meaning citizen of Ferrycounty.com.

Why don’t you list all the businesses in Ferry County, Washington?

This site is focused on showcasing recreational opportunities, events, and lodging that are attractive to tourists, travelers, and retirees.  For that reason, I list businesses that provide lodging, food, real estate listings, and goods (such as fishing gear, etc.) that might be useful to travelers.  I also try to only list brick and mortar businesses on paved roads, that are easily accessed by travelers unfamiliar with the area.

Must I register to access this site?

No way. Feel free to read and browse Ferrycounty.com’s articles, photos, and pages, without registering.

Do I have to be registered to leave a comment?

Nope. You will be asked for your name (or nickname) and email.

If I leave a comment, will my email be visible?

Absolutely not! When you post comments, only your name or nickname will be displayed.

Will my comments appear in search engine results?

Assume they will. There’s no predicting what each search engine will wish to publish, but you should assume that anything you post on this Web site (or any other) will be viewed by a world-wide audience.

Will my comments be edited by the Moderator?

Possibly.  The Moderator (that’s me) may add explanatory notes to your comment and correct spelling errors, if needed, to make your comments more readable.

Can I delete a comment I’ve made?

Not directly.  However, if you regret or wish to remove a post, use Ferrycounty.com’s contact form to send a request to me to remove your comment. It may take a day or more for the comment to be removed, so think carefully before you post.

Why do you ask that I provide Ferrycounty.com with my real name and email to comment?

I receive lots of email and comments that include information that may need to be verified, before it can be posted (e.g., event announcements, trail information, and business contacts, etc.) .  I may need to contact you to verify your sources.   I also want to discourage discourtesy and using this site to discusses issues that are better dealt with through letters to  newspaper editors and government agencies. This site is about sharing happy memories, helpful hints, or useful warnings (e.g., be prepared to sight bears on this trail).

Are member names, e-mail addresses, and passwords case sensitive?

Member names and e-mail addresses are not case sensitive, but passwords are.

Can I change the e-mail address for my account?

Send us your email using our contact form, and we’ll change your email for you.  You must change your own passwords.

Why are comments closed for a particular story?

We leave comments open as long as useful commentary is being added; however, some posts and pages just aren’t suited to commentary, and comments are turned off on those pages.

How can I report inappropriate content that I’ve found on Ferrycounty.com?

Most comments are reviewed by me, before they are posted, which I hope will make it unnecessary for you to report any offensive material or inaccurate content.  Should something slip past me, or if a clever spammer posts something I haven’t approved, please use my contact form to alert me.

Why are my comments not showing up right away?

To keep Ferrycounty.com family friendly and to protect users who post inappropriately personal information, all comments are moderated.

When will my comment show up on the site?

Comments are usually reviewed and posted within 24 hours.

Why is moderation needed prior to posting?

It is our mission to highlight the best of Ferry County, and that includes encouraging our commentators to provide themselves and other visitors with meaningful and helpful tips, comments, notices, and corrections.  Unfortunately, there are significant numbers of spammers, trolls, and ill-mannered people who attempt to disrupt comment threads on this site as well as others.  I believe that a bit of well-applied moderation helps keep Ferrycounty.com a place you’ll find good and helpful information and comments.