Is Ferrycounty.com a government site?

No. Ferrycounty.com is privately owned and operated by a well-meaning, retired citizen of Ferrycounty, WA.

Why don’t you list all the businesses in Ferry County, Washington?

This site is focused on showcasing recreational opportunities, events, and lodging that are attractive to tourists, travelers, and retirees.  For that reason, I list businesses that provide lodging, food, real estate listings, and goods (such as fishing gear, etc.) that might be useful to travelers.  I also try to only list brick and mortar businesses on paved roads, that are easily accessed by travelers unfamiliar with the area. 

Must I register to access this site?

No way. Feel free to read and browse Ferrycounty.com’s articles, photos, and pages, without registering.

Do I have to be registered to leave a comment?

No. You cannot leave a comment on these posts, so there’s no need to register.

Why don’t you allow comments to be posted?

I want to discourage discourtesy and using this site to discuss issues that are better dealt with through letters or email to  newspaper editors and government agencies. This site is about the fun things you can do when you visit Ferry County, WA.

How can I report inappropriate or inaccurate content on Ferrycounty.com?

I hope it will be unnecessary for you to report any offensive material or inaccurate content, but don’t hesitate to let me know if you spot something that is amiss. Please use my contact form to alert me.