Fish Lake

A tiny, clear-water lake, perfect for fly fishing….

Slightly more than a pond and a bit less than a full-fledged lake, tree- and cattail-lined Fish Lake, Washington is set high in the hills of the Colville National Forest, just a third of a mile drive or an easy hike from the Long Lake campgrounds.

Frequented by fly fishers, who fish its serene, shallow waters for rainbow trout, the lake also attracts several varieties of waterfowl, including loons. Deer and moose are often spotted nibbling grasses at the lake’s edge. Black bear have also been seen in the area.

Campgrounds & Lodging

Visitors to Fish Lake typically camp at the nearby Long Lake campgrounds (.3 miles away).

For day hikers, motel, inn, and RV accommodations are nearby in Republic and Curlew, Washington.

Boating and Fishing Information

Fish Lake has a boat launch. Fly fishing only. No motorized boats are permitted.


Stock or replenish your grocery, camping, hunting, and fishing supplies 16 miles away in Republic, Washington.


All water collected from lakes or trails should be treated before drinking. Always plan for injuries and abrupt changes in weather by carrying matches, a knife, first aid supplies, food, water, and extra clothes.


Area map of Fish, Swan, Long, Ferry Lakes.
Area map of Fish, Swan, Long, Ferry Lakes. Map is an illustration and is not to scale.

Map is informational only and not to scale. Consult an up-to-date topographical map before traveling these roads and trails. makes no claims as to the accuracy of the map.

Warning: This map is informational only and not to scale. An up-to-date topographical map should be consulted before traveling these roads and trails.

For More Information

Visit Washington’s Department of Fish and Wildlife page on Fish Lake, WA for lake restrictions and conditions.

For more information and a complete list of Colville National Forest hiking, biking, and riding trails contact:

Republic Ranger District
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Colville Forest Information
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755 South Main Street
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Photos & graphics by Sarah Lawrence.

Fish Lake in Ferry County, Washington
Fish Lake in Ferry County, Washington.