Keller Park

Located on the Colville Tribes Reservation, Keller Park is situated on the shore of Lake Roosevelt. Open year round to the general public, reservations not available. Dogs on leashes are allowed.

Campgrounds & Lodging

Colville Tribes Parks and Recreation personnel state there are approximately seven (7) RV sites. Tent camp sites are not formally delineated.

Boating and Fishing Information

There is no boat launch at the park, and Parks and Recreation personnel advise boaters to use the launch at the old ferry landing. 


There is no electricity, sewer, or waste dump stations provided. Water is available at central locations, during the summer. Toilets available in the summer. Pit toilets available in the winter.


Fees as of 07-24-2017 (and subject to change without notice):

  • $20 for a single day per site.
  • $30 for two day stays.
  • Up to eight people per site, before additional full fee is charged.

More Information

Call Colville Tribes Parks and Recreation at 509-634-3142


There is no street address available. The park is south of the Keller Convenience Store. The only indication that you’ve found the park is a sign on the Hwy 21 that says, “Campground.” Consult Google Maps for location.


We have not personally visited Keller Park, and are relying on information provided to us by the Colville Tribes Park and Recreation personnel. Before venturing to this park, familiarize yourself with the location by visiting Google Maps and by calling the Park and Recreation department for directions, up-to-date park status, and questions regarding amenities

Keller Park