Peggy Brixner Park “The Ol’ Swimmin’ Hole”

This public access park is located on the shores of the Kettle River, just across from the town of Curlew, Washington.  The “Ol’ Swimmin’ Hole” park has been used and enjoyed by generations of families for picnicking and swimming.

During spring and fall migrations, birding enthusiasts may spot tundra swan, Canadian geese, and waterfowl at the water’s edge. From spring through fall bald eagles can be spotted hunting the river. The park also provides a great location for taking photos of the historic Curlew Bridge. Facilities include a sand beach, picnic tables, and portable toilets.

Camping: NOT allowed
Recommended seasons: Spring, Summer, Autumn


All water collected from lakes, rivers, or trails should be treated before drinking. Always plan for injuries and abrupt changes in weather by carrying matches, a knife, first aid supplies, food, water, and extra clothes.  Be alert for snakes and wildlife and make certain your food and supplies are stored in bear-proof containers. There are no lifeguards present, so wear a life jacket when in the water.

Peggy Brixner Park on Kettle River in Curlew, Washington
Snow melting along the shores of the Kettle River at Peggy Brixner Park, Curlew WA