SanPoil Espresso

Drive-thru Coffee Shop & Shaved Ices
30273 Hwy 20
Republic, WA 99166
(509) 207-0858
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Iced Americano with cream.
Iced Americano with cream. Erin takes pride in putting together your favorite drink, while adding a touch of artful creativity.

Located at the south end of Republic, WA, you’ll find the area’s newest espresso stand. SanPoil Espresso specializes in made-to-order espresso, latte, and (seasonally-offered) shaved-iced drinks. They offer drive-through convenience, yummy drinks, and quick and friendly service!

San Poil Espresso drive through. Cream-colored siding, brown trim, red coffee sign, faux river rock foundation.
San Poil Espresso drive through.
Drive though window by red coffee sign.
Yummy espressos and lattes.

Latte photo used with permission of Erin Roush at SanPoil Espresso.