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Types of Calendar Listings We’re Looking For

We list Ferry County tourist-centric events, that are of interest to a wide-range of residents and area visitors, such as fairs, motorcycle rallies, derbies, BINGO nights, car racing, bluegrass music events, bazaars, and farmer’s markets. We do not list political, business, or association meetings on our Events calendar.

How to Submit an Event for the Calendar

Please use our Contact Page  to send us the following information:

  1. * Title of event.
  2. * Event description.
  3. * Event date.
  4. * Recurring dates (if event will be held more than once).
  5. * Event start time.
  6. * Event end time.
  7. * Name of location
  8. * Full street address of event (must have this, or the event won’t be listed).
  9. Contact name.
  10. Contact phone number, contact email, or a Web site address where more information can be found.
  11. * Cost (if any).

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