Swan Lake

Fly fishing, swimming, and shady camp grounds. Trout fishing at its best….

Swan Lake is a clear-water lake located in the Colville National Forest, just off Highway 21, south of Republic, Washington.

In the late spring and summer months, the lake is frequented by local anglers and fly fishers after brook, rainbow, and cutthroat trout. The mid- to late-summer months attract campers, hikers, and bicyclists to the warm lake waters and hiking-biking trails. In the cooler fall months, hunters take advantage of the campground’s proximity to deer which frequent the fir- and spruce-lined hills of the national forest.

Visitors to the lake are often treated to visitations from squirrels, chipmunk, and woodpeckers. Black bear are occasionally spotted walking the trails in search of summer berries. Beaver chew on trees lining lake shore. Wild flowers, cattails, and water lilies can be seen.

Because combustion engines are banned from the lake, the harshest sounds campers and day visitors are likely to hear are the calls of loons across the lake, children paddling in the sun-warmed shallows, or the quiet hum of an electric boat motor.

Campgrounds & Lodging

Maintained by the US Forest Service, the Swan Lake campground provides community water spigots, bear-proof trash containers, fire grills, picnic tables, and well-maintained handicap accessible toilets. Most campsites are tree-shaded.

21 tent and trailer sites, 4 tent-only sites, 1 group site.

For day hikers, motel, inn, and RV accommodations are nearby in Republic and Curlew, Washington.

Swan Lake Trail

Recommended seasons: Spring, Summer, Autumn

Length: 1.5 miles

Rated: “easiest” for hiking and “more difficult” for biking.

Elevation: remains at 3650 feet

Access: 7.5 miles south of Republic on Hwy. 21; turn west on Road 53/Scatter Creek Road and travel 8 miles on paved road to Swan Lake Campgrounds.

The Swan Lake Trail circles Swan Lake, beginning at the parking lot or community kitchen. By late summer, there are huckleberries along the trail.

Boating and Fishing Information

Swan Lake has a boat launch. Electrically-powered motor boats are permitted. Combustion engines prohibited.


The annual Fall Mountain Bike Fest is held at the Swan Lake Campground. The family event is sponsored by the Spokane Parks and Recreation Department, Colville National Forest, and Republic Ranger District. Mountain bikes and canoes are usually available at no charge. Camping is free at the campgrounds. Events include registration, bicycle, kayak, and canoe demonstrations; ride and repair technical clinics; poker rides, women’s-only rides, obstacle course rides, and awards. For more information, call the Republic Ranger District office at (509) 775-3305.


Stock or replenish your grocery, camping, hunting, and fishing supplies 16 miles away in Republic, Washington.

Area map of Fish, Swan, Long, and Ferry Lakes.
Area map of Fish, Swan, Long, and Ferry Lakes. Map is an illustration and is not to scale.


All water collected from lakes or trails should be treated before drinking. Always plan for injuries and abrupt changes in weather by carrying matches, a knife, first aid supplies, food, water, and extra clothes.


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For More Information

Visit Washington’s Department of Fish and Wildlife page on Swan Lake, WA for lake restrictions and conditions, or the Colville National Forest’s Swan Lake Campground page.

For more information and a complete list of Colville National Forest hiking, biking, and riding trails contact:

Republic Ranger District

650 E Delaware
Republic WA 99166
(509) 775-7400

Colville Forest Information

755 South Main Street
Colville, WA 99114
(509) 684-7000

Trees on the shoreline of Swan Lake show evidence of beavers at work.
Trees on the shoreline of Swan Lake show evidence of beavers at work.
Covered picnic area available for groups, Swan Lake, WA
Covered picnic area available for groups, Swan Lake, WA
Swimming dock just off the shore of Swan Lake, WA.
Swimming dock just off the shore of Swan Lake, WA.
Dock at Swan Lake, near Republic, WA.
Dock at Swan Lake, near Republic, WA.